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For a prospective business owner, starting a firm can be a difficult task. To start a business anywhere in the world, including Southeast Asia, you’ll need imagination, guts, and a thorough understanding of the local market, regulations, immigration restrictions, and investment options.

For individuals who are truly interested in incorporating a business in Indonesia, there are bountiful business opportunities to tap on as Indonesia is seen as Asia’s future economic powerhouse. This translates well into an interesting prospect for business owners as the country has strong regional commercial.

Regardless of why a prospective business owner chooses Indonesia as a location to start a business, all prospective business owners should research the country’s business scene, identify potential business gaps, identify skills gaps in the local workforce, and seize any open opportunities that may arise. This will provide them with a distinct advantage before they begin operating their company.

Why is Indonesia Full of Business Opportunities?

There are numerous business opportunities in Indonesia that can be tapped on. One of the main reasons for the plethora of business prospects in Indonesia is that the government has made significant efforts to provide such opportunities to both locals and foreigners.

The Indonesian government has taken a number of initiatives to improve the country’s infrastructure, quality of life, and make doing business in the country easier. Indonesia’s economy has risen gradually over the last decade as a result of these initiatives.

This steady rate of economic growth also helps to expand the amount of business opportunities available in Indonesia. Many business owners and entrepreneurs will be interested in conducting commercial operations in a country with a stable economy. Indonesia is one of these countries, and the economy’s regularity and stability contribute to the country’s enhanced commercial chances.

Entrepreneurial activities are not difficult to take out in Indonesia because of the sheer size of its customer base. With the population estimated to grow to 264 million people in the near future, it is no secret that many of Indonesia’s most lucrative businesses opportunities are consumer related.

Top Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s fourth-most populous country, with millennials accounting for a large portion of the population. Indonesia’s young, innovative workforce, aided by the government’s attempts to promote business incentives and streamline company processes, provides a plethora of options for both residents and visitors.

Of course, just as in any other country, certain industries provide more viable business prospects in Indonesia than others. This is due to the fact that these industries are critical to the Indonesian economy and are among the most important contributors to the country’s economic and financial success.

Check out the industries that business owners like yourself can explore and tap into these business opportunities in Indonesia:

1. Service sector

The service sector in Indonesia is in desperate need of investment. In comparison to the entire population, the country has a very small number of high-quality, well-regarded consulting businesses.

Foreigners seeking lucrative business possibilities in Indonesia should consider forming consulting firms that specialize in business advice services, insurance and financial services, stock market services, and education and training services.

2. Mining and energy industry

The mining and energy sector, which is a cornerstone of Indonesia’s economy, is a safe and profitable place to put money. The provinces of South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, and East Kalimantan are the centers of Indonesia’s mining and energy industries.

In terms of world oil output, Indonesia is ranked 23rd, ahead of numerous countries that are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Indonesia’s oil and coal reserves, strategic geographic location, and low labor costs make it a suitable location for mining and energy investment.

3. Tourism and entertainment

Indonesia has failed to create a stable, efficient, and profitable tourism business in comparison to its Southeast Asian neighbors, like Singapore and Malaysia. As a result, there is a push to improve the country’s road system and make it more efficient and contemporary. This helps to provide adequate infrastructure for both people and tourists, as well as stimulate tourism in more remote locations.

Bali, Indonesia’s largest tourist destination, receives the most visitors of any destination in the country. Many other Indonesian islands, on the other hand, are still primarily rural and lack tourism infrastructure. Tour operators, information offices, hotels, restaurant, cinemas, and shopping malls aimed at both tourists and locals alike would improve Indonesia’s most remote islands’ accessibility and make them viable tourist destinations.

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4. Technology

Indonesia has the world’s fourth-largest mobile market and the greatest IT spending in Southeast Asia. This indicates that Indonesia’s IT and IT product market is thriving and expanding.

Those who want to promote new technology in the country will benefit greatly as a result. App development companies, sophisticated IT technology corporations, and e-commerce platforms are the most common businesses in the Indonesian technology sector.

Ready to explore these business opportunities in Indonesia? Reach out to us for a free consultation for your incorporation and other corporate needs from taxation to visa application!


What is the main business in Indonesia?2021-12-07T10:04:29+08:00

The main business activity in Indonesia is the exporting goods such as palm oil, liquefied natural gas, machinery, steel, metal, textiles products, footwear products, automobiles, transportation products, chemicals products, wooden products, plastics. 

Can foreigners do business in Indonesia?2021-12-07T10:04:11+08:00

For foreign investors to run a successful business in Indonesia, a legal entity known as foreign-owned company, or PT PMA must be established. Alternatively, foreigners can opt for representative offices or Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). 

Is it easy to do business Indonesia?2021-12-07T10:03:56+08:00

Indonesia is not the easiest place to start an enterprise or, generally, to conduct business. This is reflected by the World Bank’s Doing Business 2018 index in which the country ranks 72nd. However, with the help of an incorporation specialist like Paul Hype Page, incorporation can be a simple process as we handle the work for you! 

What is the most profitable business in Indonesia?2021-12-07T09:58:51+08:00

Some of the most profitable businesses in Indonesia include, among others:

  • Manufacturing
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Mining and Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Maritime, Shipping, and Ports Industry

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