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Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Guide to the Best Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Business opportunites are everywhere in Indonesia if you look close enough. In order to set up a business anywhere – South-East Asia in particular – one must possess creativity, courage and deep knowledge of the local market, starting from its laws, immigration policies and investment opportunities. Indonesia has recently been branded Asia’s “future super power nation”, and as such it is seen as a fertile land for business opportunities in the area. Regardless of the reason for choosing Indonesia as a location to invest in, the first step to take is going through a thorough research of the land

dentifying its possible business gaps, what skills the local workforce is lacking in and the best opportunities to keep an eye on.


What are the best business opportunities in Indonesia?

Indonesia stands as the world’s fourth most populous nation, of which a large amount is made up by millennials. Indonesia’s young, creative workforce, combined with the government’s efforts in promoting business incentives and simplifying bureaucracy offers a wealth of opportunities for locals and foreigners alike. As of 2018, the best business opportunities in Indonesia that foreigners should not miss are the following:

  1. Service Sector. This is a rather vast field to analyse, however Indonesia is in need of a large spectrum of investments in the service sector. Specifically, foreigners looking for valuable business opportunities to invest in Indonesia should think about establishing consultancy firms specialising in business advisory, insurance and financial services, stock market and education/training services.
  2. Mining and Energy Industry. A staple of Indonesia’s economy, the mining and energy field is a safe yet profitable option to invest capital on the Indonesian market. Indonesia – South Sumatra, South Kalimantan and East Kalimantan areas in particular – represent the fifth largest producers and exporters of coal in the world, of which more than 70% is exported abroad. Indonesia’s oil and coal reserves, its strategic geographical position and low labour wages make it an ideal place to invest in the energy sector.
  3. Tourism and Entertainment. Compared to its South-East Asian neighbours, Indonesia is still falling behind in developing a reliable, efficient and lucrative tourism sector. There is an urgency to modernise and make the country’s road system more efficient, contribute to the provision of adequate infrastructures for locals and tourists alike as well as promoting the tourism sector in more remote areas. Bali – Indonesia’s main travel spot – sees the highest influx of tourists in the country. However, a large number of equally beautiful Indonesian islands are still mostly rural and not equipped to provide tourist facilities. Tour operators, information offices, hotels, restaurant, cinemas, shopping malls aimed at both tourists and locals would improve Indonesia’s most remote islands’ accessibility and hence make them profitable for business.
  4. Technology. With such a young, vast population interested in all things tech, Indonesia is the 4th largest mobile market in the world. On top of that, International Data Corporation states that Indonesia has become the highest spender on IT in Southeast Asia, an interesting point for those aiming to bring or promote new technology in the country. As far as business opportunities in the Indonesian technology sector are concerned, there is growing demand for App development companies, advanced IT technology firms and e-commerce platforms (currently, e-commerce websites are scattered and still very much influenced by China).


In short, Indonesia is a relatively unexplored yet lucrative market for foreign investment. When researched accurately and wisely, opportunities for business in Indonesia are plenty and varied, thanks to its population size, improved government policies and flexibility of entrepreneurship. Indonesia is preparing itself to become an Asian super power and hence an attractive location for foreigners looking to invest in the country.







Posted on December 28, 2017 at 2:44 pm
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