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Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Business in Indonesia

Starting a business can be an arduous task for the prospective business owner. In order to set up a business anywhere in the world, including in Southeast Asia, one must possess creativity, courage, and deep knowledge of the local market, laws, immigration policies, and investment opportunities.  

Business opportunities are everywhere in Indonesia for those who are genuinely interested in starting a business thereIndonesia is believed to be a future economic powerhouse of Asia. For this reason, the country is seen as a favorable location for business opportunities in the region 

Regardless of the reason for choosing Indonesia as a location in which to start a business, all prospective business owners ought to research the country’s business scene, identify its possible business gaps, notice skills the local workforce lacks, and claim any open opportunities which may present themselves. Doing so will give them a clear advantage before they begin the operation of their business. 


Why Indonesia Is Full of Business Opportunities 

There are many business opportunities in Indonesia that may be taken at any time by those who sense the chance to make use of them. One of the primary reasons as to why Indonesia contains an abundance of business opportunities is due to the fact that the government has been doing much to provide such opportunities to both locals and foreigners alike. The Indonesian government has taken many steps to improve the country’s infrastructure and also facilitate the conducting of business activities in the country. These efforts have begun to pay off; Indonesia’s economy has grown steadily over the past decade. 

This consistent rate of economic growth also serves to increase the number of business opportunities present in Indonesia. A country with an economy that grows at a stable rate is one which will cause many business owners and entrepreneurs to become interested in conducting business operations there. Indonesia is one such country; thus, the consistency and stability of its economy contributes to the improved business opportunities across the country. 

In Indonesia, it is not difficult to carry out entrepreneurial activities. This is due to the sheer size of its consumer base. Indonesia has a massive population of approximately 264 million people. This therefore means that the country’s market is full of customers who are yet to be reached. It should therefore come as no surprise that many of the most lucrative business opportunities in Indonesia are those which are consumer-related. Furthermore, the purchasing power of the average consumer in Indonesia has been increasing over recent years. This increase in purchasing power has led to an increased desire to spend money on certain goods and products; a desire which can be fulfilled by enterprising business owners and entrepreneurs. 


The Most Viable Business Opportunities in Indonesia 

Indonesia is the world’s fourthmost populous nation, and much of its population is comprised of millennials. Indonesia’s young, creative workforce, supported by the government’s efforts in promoting business incentives and simplifying business processes, offers a wealth of opportunities for locals and foreigners alike.  

Of course, just as is the case in any other country, certain industries in Indonesia offer more viable business opportunities than others. This is because these industries play a vital role within the Indonesian economy and are among the greatest contributors to the country’s economic and financial success. Today, the most viable business opportunities in Indonesia exist in the following industries: 

  • Service sector.  Indonesia is in need of much investment in the service sector. It is notable that there are relatively few high-quality, well-regarded consultancy firms in the country in relation to the total population. Foreigners looking for valuable business opportunities in Indonesia should consider establishing consultancy firms specializing in business advisory services, insurance and financial services, stock market services, and education and training services. 


  • Mining and energy industry. A staple of Indonesia’s economy, the mining and energy field is a safe and profitable option in which one can invest capital iIndonesia. The hubs of Indonesia’s mining and energy industry are in the provinces of South Sumatra, South Kalimantan, and East KalimantanIndonesia is the fifthlargest producer and exporter of coal in the worldMore than 70% of its coal is exported abroad. Indonesia also ranks 23rd in global oil production, ahead of several countries which are members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Indonesia’s oil and coal reserves, strategic geographical position, and low labor wages make it an ideal place for investment in mining and energy. 


  • Tourism and entertainment. Compared to its Southeast Asian neighbours, Indonesia is yet to truly develop a reliable, efficient, and lucrative tourism sector. For this reason, there is a drive to make the country’s road system more efficient and modern. This will therefore contribute to the provision of adequate infrastructure for locals and tourists alike as well as promote tourism in more remote areas. Bali, Indonesia’s main travel location, welcomes the most tourists of any location the country. On the other hand, many other Indonesian islands are still mostly rural and not equipped to provide tourist facilities. Tour operators, information offices, hotels, restaurant, cinemas, and shopping malls aimed at both tourists and locals alike would improve Indonesia’s most remote islands’ accessibility and make them viable tourist destinations.
  • Technology.  Indonesia is the fourthlargest mobile market in the world and the highest spender on IT in Southeast Asia. This means that the market for IT and IT products in Indonesia is vibrant and growing. Therefore, those aiming to promote new technology in the country stand to gain muchBusiness opportunities in the Indonesian technology sector are mostly filled by app development companies, advanced IT technology firms, and e-commerce platforms. 

In general, Indonesia is a relatively unexplored yet lucrative market for foreign investment. Opportunities for business in Indonesia are plentiful and varied due to its enormous population, improved government policies, and flexibility of entrepreneurship. Indonesia is preparing itself to become an Asian and global economic giant. One of the ways in which it may do so is by providing more business opportunities for all who are interested in conducting business activities there. If such proves to be the case, Indonesia will become an attractive location for foreigners looking to invest in the country as well as locals who choose to remain in Indonesia to start a business. These people will serve as some of the primary drivers of the country’s economy by taking advantage of the many business opportunities which exist in Indonesia.


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Business Opportunities in Indonesia FAQs

What is Indonesia’s economic growth rate?

The latest statistics show that Indonesia’s most recent economic growth rate was 5.1%. This figure was attained during the first quarter of 2019. Indonesia’s economy usually grows by between 4.9% and 5.3% every quarter. 

How much coal does Indonesia produce?

Indonesia is the world’s fifth-largest coal producer. It is only outranked by China, India, the United States, and Australia. In 2019, Indonesia is expected to produce 461 million tons of coal. 

How many tourists travel to Indonesia every year?

The latest figures show that in 2018, a total of 15,806,191 tourists travelled to Indonesia. This figure represents an increase of almost two million from the previous year. Most tourists to Indonesia come from Malaysia, China, Singapore, Timor Leste, and Australia. 


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