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Representative Offices in Indonesia

Indonesia has one of the most stable economies in the world with a steady average economic growth percentage of 5.2%. Its quarterly economy report shows a trend of stable economic growth in the coming year of 2020. In a world in which some economies are facing struggles, Indonesia stands out by not only growing the economy but also striving to reduce poverty levels to […]

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How do I Invest in an Indonesian Company?

In some recent years, Indonesia has become one of the emerging economies in the world. Being the fourth most populated country in the world and the largest economy in Southeast Asia with a 2014 nominal GDP of $888.6 billion. Those looking to invest in Indonesia should start with the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI). While the rest of the world was […]

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Do many Entrepreneurs from abroad come to Indonesia?

in today’s world, entrepreneurs push economic growth and it is no different in Indonesia. That being said, the number of business owners are significantly less than 10% of the Indonesian population, with Singapore and Malaysia having a much higher rates. Reason being, there are three major hurdles in Indonesia’s local entrepreneur creation. The hurdles are,   3rd World Mentality  For young Indonesians, the education system did not […]

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Indonesia Business Guide Part 2

Following our part one of Indonesia Business Guide, we explained and guided you on the guidelines to adhere to before Incorporating an Indonesia Company However, here we discuss further on the order to carry out business activities in Indonesia.    Economic Overview and the Benefit of Investing in Indonesian Domestic consumption makes up 55.8% of Indonesia’s GDP. That is an important figure as it has helped Indonesia from the global […]

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Indonesia Business Guide

Indonesia is a Great Place to Incorporate A Business  With its economy constantly growing, Indonesia has registered to have a steady growth at above 5 percent. The Indonesian archipelago has 18,307 islands and is known to be biggest archipelago in the world. Indonesia has abundant mineral resources, including tin, gold, natural gas, coal, nickel and copper. Besides that, minerals such as silver, bauxite and petroleum […]

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Negative Investment List

On 18 May 2016, the Indonesian Government enacted Presidential Regulation No. 44 of 2016, which sets out the new negative investments list (the “2016 Indonesia Negative Investment List”) and revokes the 2014 Negative List. This Regulation is known as Regulation of the President of the Republic of Indonesia Number 44 Year 2016.  The following below are the lists […]

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Who can be Shareholders in Indonesia?

Shareholders are those who subscribed to and paid the capital of the company. They are technically the owners of a company which runs a business in Indonesia, and therefore at the highest position in the hierarchy of the company in Indonesia. They are on top of decision-making through the general meeting of shareholders (GMS).  In […]

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How to Start a Franchise Business in Indonesia

The types of business ideas to implement in a foreign country are virtually endless, ranging from innovative options such as creating a new product or brand altogether, to something more grounded like starting a franchise business. The idea of a franchise may be a safer options for those who intend to rely on a reputable […]

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Business Opportunities in Indonesia

Guide to the Best Business Opportunities in Indonesia Business opportunites are everywhere in Indonesia if you look close enough. In order to set up a business anywhere – South-East Asia in particular – one must possess creativity, courage and deep knowledge of the local market, starting from its laws, immigration policies and investment opportunities. Indonesia […]

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