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Work Visas in Indonesia2022-06-20T16:05:36+08:00

Snippets of Indonesia Work Permits and Visas

In Indonesia, there are various Visa applications you can consider for Foreigners. Refer to the following to know your suitability.

Employment Pass in Singapore

Business Visa

Single Entry Business Visa

  • Valid for 60 days, can be extended up to four times. While the total validity of a Single Entry Business Visa is 180 days at most.

Multiple Entry Business Visa

  • Total validity is 1 year and it enables you to make repeated business visit to Indonesia.

Limited Stay Visa

KITAS – Work Visa

  • The permit that allows you to work in Indonesia as a foreign resident. Maximum validity is 1 year and extendable up to 5 times.
  • Arrangement for a IMTA (Work Permit) is required and payment to DPKK (Expertise Skill Development Fund) for around US$1,200 for 1 year to the Ministry of Labor.

KITAS – Married with Indonesian Spouse

  • For KITAS holder who have a non-Indonesian spouse and wished to stay in Indonesia, you are eligible to obtain the KITAS – Married with Indonesian Spouse. Once you have received the permit, your children under the age 18 will be eligible to enter Indonesia.
Dependent Pass in Singapore
Long Term Visit Pass in Singapore

Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP) 

KITAS holders are eligible to apply for a Permanent Stay Visa (KITAP) after 5 years of stay in Indonesia. The KITAP is valid for a total of 25 years and renewing after every 5 years is required. Only a retired person does not require a KITAS to apply for a KITAP.

Indonesia Retirement Visa

Recommended for retiree or senior citizen at least 55 years old, with the intention to stay in Indonesia for more than 60 days. The Retirement Visa validity is 1 year and can be extended up to 5 times, is subject to immigration approval.

Please note that a Retirement Visa is equivalent to a Limited Stay Visa, in other words, you must have an Indonesian sponsor to seek an authorization from Indonesian immigration prior to applying for the visa at the Embassy/Consulate General in your country.

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How do I apply for a Work Visa in Indonesia?2021-06-06T11:39:49+08:00

KITAS will be done by employers on behalf of their foreign employees.

What are the requirements to obtain a Work Permit?2021-06-06T11:39:24+08:00

The candidate must possess

  • An education related to the position he is going to take up in Indonesia,
  • Provide a proof of health or life insurance for the entire stay when he is working in Indonesia,
  • Must have at least 5 years of working experience to the related position or he must show a certificate of competence in that field.
Who are the nationalities that cannot apply for a Business Visa?2021-06-06T11:38:53+08:00

Indonesian immigration has a policy where they do not approve visa applications from the following nations: Afghanistan, Guinea, Israel, Iraq, North Korea, Cameroon, Liberia, Nigerian and Somalia.

Do the same labor rights apply to local and foreign workers alike in Indonesia?2021-06-06T11:38:23+08:00

Foreigners from any country are permitted to work in Indonesia as long as no Indonesian citizen is available or able to perform the tasks required in the position.

However, this does not mean the foreigners’ labor rights in Indonesia differ from those of Indonesian citizens. Expatriate workers are entitled to the same protections under the relevant Indonesian labor laws and regulations as are their Indonesian counterparts.

Which countries send the most foreign workers to Indonesia?2021-06-06T11:37:56+08:00

The vast majority of foreign workers in Indonesia are from East Asian countries. China sends the most foreign workers to Indonesia, with Japan and South Korea ranking second and third by this metric. These three countries combine for almost 60% of all the foreign workers who work in Indonesia.

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