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Whether you’re a local entrepreneur or an international investor aiming to extend your business into Indonesia, our skilled team is ready to navigate you through the process and ensure a streamlined incorporation experience. At Paul Hype Page & Co, our expertise lies in assisting entrepreneurs and businesses in establishing their footprint in Indonesia with our seamless company registration services.

Kickstart Your Indonesia Company Registration Process

When establishing a company in Indonesia, the specific requirements may vary depending on the type of company, be it a public (Local PT) or private limited (PT PMA) company. However, certain fundamental requirements apply to both types:

Company Name and Business Activity: Selecting a unique company name is crucial. The name must consist of at least three words for local PT companies and can be in English or other languages for PT PMA companies. The business activity should align with the company’s objectives and be relevant to its operations.

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How to Register a Company in Indonesia?

Now that you know the requirements to set up a company in Indonesia, see the step-by-step guide on registering your new company and use our free tool – company name checker.

Step 1: Get Your Company Name Reserved

Your company name needs to contain at least 3 different words, with 3 options for your company name in English, Indonesia, or both. Check and register your company name in Indonesia using our free tool above, or read our guide on selecting a company name in Indonesia.

Step 2: Check Your Indonesia Business Activity Code

Search your primary business activity to find your Code that is required by KBLI to complete your company registration.

Step 3: Submit All Required Incorporation Documents Digitally

Tap on our patented digital corporate services platform to fill up the information to generate filled-up company incorporation documents. All processes are done online – from form submission to signing of all documents. Our local specialists will handle the rest.

Step 4: Open a Corporate Bank Account

Ensure proper keepsake of your company’s finances by opening a corporate bank account. For foreigners setting up a company in Indonesia, you can opt for offshore bank account opening so no travel into Indonesia is required. Read our guide on bank account opening here.

Step 5: Secure Your Indonesia Work Visas

If you are a foreigner setting up a company in Indonesia, you will need to apply for a work visa to run your business operations. Applying for a work visa is complicated with the application of VITAS, ITAS, and KITAS – find out more about them in our guide here.

Step 6: Adhering to Annual Reporting & Compliance

After you’ve incorporated your company, you are bounded by the governmental regulations. These include corporate secretary activities, corporate tax filing, auditing, and more. Leave all compliance work to us and never miss a deadline – penalties are involved if you miss!

Company Registration Process in Indonesia

In the past, the process of setting up a company in Indonesia was time-consuming, often taking up to two months. However, recent government efforts have streamlined the process, resulting in a reduced timeline of approximately one to 1.5 months for company incorporation. This has made it easier and faster for businesses to establish their presence in Indonesia.

One significant development is the implementation of the Online Single Submission (OSS) system, which enables businesses to obtain a Business Identification Number (NIB) promptly. With the NIB in hand, businesses can commence operations without delay.

Despite these improvements, it is essential for foreign investors to familiarize themselves with the specific procedures involved in company registration in Indonesia. The following table provides an overview of the necessary steps for each available business entity:

Entity Type Steps Involved
Local PT (Perseroan Terbatas) 1. Reserve a company name through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
2. Prepare and sign the company’s articles of association.
3. Obtain the Deed of Establishment from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
4. Acquire a tax identification number (NPWP).
5. Apply for other necessary licenses and permits.
PT PMA (Limited Liability Company with Foreign Investment) 1. Reserve a company name through the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).
2. Prepare and sign the company’s articles of association.
3. Obtain the Deed of Establishment from a public notary.
4. Acquire a tax identification number (NPWP).
5. Apply for other required licenses and permits, including the Principle License and Business License.

At Paul Hype Page, we understand the intricacies of company registration in Indonesia and provide comprehensive assistance to ensure a smooth and successful process. Our team of experts will guide you through each step, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements and facilitating a hassle-free establishment of your company in Indonesia. Contact us today to begin your business journey in Indonesia with confidence.

Your Questions, Answered

Starting a new company can be daunting – here are the top questions regarding Indonesia company registration that will clear your doubts!

What are the different types of business entities available for incorporation in Indonesia?2023-08-14T17:56:45+08:00

The common types of business entities in Indonesia include Local PT (Perseroan Terbatas), PT PMA (Penanaman Modal Asing), Representative Office, and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

Can I choose any company name for my business in Indonesia?2023-08-14T17:55:28+08:00

The company name must comply with certain rules and regulations. It should consist of at least three words and must not be similar to existing companies or government institutions. Offensive or misleading names are not permitted.

Can I incorporate a company in Indonesia remotely or do I need to be present in person?2023-08-14T17:54:02+08:00

It is possible to incorporate a company in Indonesia remotely by appointing a local representative or engaging professional services that can handle the process on your behalf. However, certain documents may require notarization or physical presence during the incorporation process.

Can I appoint foreign directors or employees in my Indonesian company?2023-08-14T17:52:49+08:00

Yes, it is possible to appoint foreign directors and employees in an Indonesian company. However, appropriate work permits and visas must be obtained for foreign employees in compliance with Indonesian immigration laws.

Do I need to have Indonesian shareholders to set up a company in Indonesia?2023-08-14T17:51:25+08:00

For a PT PMA, there is a requirement to have at least one Indonesian shareholder. However, certain industries may have different ownership restrictions.

What are the ongoing compliance requirements for companies in Indonesia?2023-08-14T17:50:13+08:00

Ongoing compliance requirements include filing annual financial statements, holding annual general meetings, maintaining proper accounting records, and renewing business licenses and permits.

Can I change the business activities or registered address of my company after incorporation?2023-08-14T17:47:34+08:00

Yes, it is possible to make changes to your company’s business activities or registered address. However, certain procedures and approvals may be required from relevant authorities.

Do I need to engage professional services for company incorporation in Indonesia?2023-08-14T17:45:59+08:00

While it is not mandatory, engaging professional services can greatly simplify the incorporation process, ensure compliance with local regulations, and provide expert advice on legal and financial matters.

How can professional services assist in the company incorporation process?2023-08-14T17:45:39+08:00

Professional services, such as legal and consulting firms, can provide expert guidance, handle the paperwork and documentation, ensure compliance with regulations, assist with obtaining necessary licenses, and offer valuable advice on business strategies and operations in Indonesia.

Berapa investasi minimum untuk mendirikan perusahaan PT PMA (swasta terbatas) di Indonesia?2022-07-12T17:07:51+08:00

Jumlah investasi minimum adalah Rp 10 miliar – namun, ini adalah angka kerja yang harus Anda kerjakan dalam 5 tahun dan dirinci dalam rencana investasi Anda. Hubungi kami untuk mendiskusikan hal ini lebih lanjut.

Apa itu Daftar Investasi Positif?2022-07-12T17:08:05+08:00

Daftar Positif Investasi di Indonesia menguraikan industri yang terbuka atau tertutup bagi investor asing. Ada 245 industri yang terbuka dan bisa dipilih oleh investor asing.

Mengapa bisnis mendirikan perusahaan di Indonesia?2022-07-12T17:08:20+08:00

Ada banyak alasan mendirikan perusahaan di Indonesia mulai dari perjanjian perdagangan bebas, kepemilikan tanah oleh asing, pertumbuhan kelas menengah, jumlah penduduk yang besar, hingga insentif investasi.

Berapa lama waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk mendaftarkan perusahaan di Indonesia?2022-07-12T17:08:33+08:00

Keseluruhan periode pendirian dan pendaftaran untuk mendirikan perusahaan Indonesia memakan waktu antara 2-3 bulan.

Bisakah orang asing mendaftarkan perusahaan di Indonesia?2022-07-12T17:08:48+08:00

Ya, orang asing dapat mendaftarkan perusahaan di Indonesia. Dalam kebanyakan kasus, mereka akan memilih perusahaan PT PMA (swasta terbatas). Namun, ada beberapa industri yang tidak terbuka untuk investasi asing – ini dapat ditemukan di Daftar Investasi Positif.

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