If you are a foreigner who lives in Indonesia or a foreigner who is planning to relocate to Indonesia, you will probably be amazed by how many long weekends the Indonesians get to enjoy throughout the year. While there is 15 public holidays gazette by the government for 2021, the Indonesian government has announced Cuti Bersama - “collective leave/ holiday together” as well. Cuti Bersama is widely known as “Hari Kejepit Nasional”. These collective leaves normally fall on either Monday or Friday, and they are generally before or after a public holiday. That’s why Indonesians have a lot of long weekends to travel for celebrations.

The introduction of collective leave is an initiative of the Indonesian government to promote domestic tourism! So, if you happen to work or relocate to Indonesia in 2021, don’t miss out on this opportunity to check out the hidden gems in Indonesia with all these long weekends.

Types of Public Holidays in Indonesia

There are three types of public holidays in Indonesia: religious, national, and international.

Religious Holidays

Five official religions that are officially recognized by the Indonesian government are Islam, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, and Hindu. The religious holidays that celebrated in Indonesia are listed below:

  • Satu Muharam (Muslim New Year)
  • Maulid Nabi (Birth of the Prophet Mohammad)
  • Isra Miraj (Ascension of the Prophet Mohammad)
  • Hari Raya Idul Fitri (End of Ramadan fasting month)
  • Idul Adha (Muslim Day of Sacrifice)
  • Good Friday
  • Christmas
  • Hari Raya Nyepi (Day of Silence)
  • Vesak Day

National Holidays

  • Indonesian Independence Day
  • Pancasila Day

International Holidays

  • New Year’ Day
  • Chinese New Year

International Labor’s Day

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Public Holidays Indonesia 2021




1 January 2021 


New Year’s Day 

12 February 2021