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I am a Singaporean and wish to set up company in Indonesia? Can you guide me through the steps?

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Hi Lim,
Good news! Singapore government is actually providing several grants for Singaporean to start their business in foreign countries such as Indonesia! The grant can cover almost 100% of the set up cost. We would be glad to facilitate the grant application process!

There are two business structure in Indonesia:
1. Local PT company (100% local ownership)
2. PT PMA company (Foreign Entrepreneurs starting a Foreign Owned Company)

If you are a Singaporean looking to start a business in Singapore, you can choose to go for a PT PMA or appoint a nominee director to start a local PT company.

Here is a comparison between the 2 different Indonesian entity. (Can refer to the image inserted)

The procedure might be confusing if Indonesia is a new environment to you and you are not able to speak Bahasa Indonesian as you will need to liaise with the agency local government.

If you need assistance for Indonesia incorporation and clarification for grants application, we would be glad to assist as we have experience in helping foreigner to set up the business in Indonesia. In the meantime, you can take a look at this article for reference


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