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Before any company based in Indonesia may be incorporated, it must first have a corporate bank account. However, this corporate bank account cannot be shared with that of another company; each company’s corporate bank account must belong to that company and that company alone.

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Corporate bank accounts are essential for any company in Indonesia. Although it might not always be easy for one to select a corporate bank account in Indonesia which fulfills every business need of the company in question, it is nevertheless extremely important to do so because of the many benefits which are granted through the use of a suitable A corporate bank account is, in fact, required of every company which has been incorporated in Indonesia. There are several reasons why this is so.

Reasons Why Indonesian Companies Need Corporate Bank Accounts

One of the primary reasons why a corporate bank account is required of every company in Indonesia is for incorporation purposes. Among the requirements for the establishment of any company in Indonesia is that of ownership of a corporate bank account. For this reason, the company will not be completely established unless it is accompanied by a corporate bank account.

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The opening of a corporate bank account in Indonesia also often necessitates the use of services provided by corporate service agencies. Businesses must select a corporate service agency which will not only enable the opening of a bank account in Indonesia, but also supply other corporate services which will also be needed by the company at other times. Working with a corporate service agency will provide any company in Indonesia with a great many benefits while also easing the workload of the company owner and staff members by a considerable amount.

Working with a corporate service agency usually also allows a company based in Indonesia to benefit from various business solutions. Such is the case because these corporate service agencies also provide business solutions and strategies which will best serve the business within the current corporate environment of Indonesia.

A company in Indonesia cannot share a corporate bank account with another company. This is because many of the requirements which apply to corporate bank accounts in Indonesia cannot be imposed unless only one company owns the corporate bank account in question.

Furthermore, since a corporate bank account is needed for the establishment of a company in Indonesia, the sharing of a corporate bank account would imply that the same account could be used for the establishment of multiple companies. As such cannot be the case, it can therefore be implied that multiple companies in Indonesia cannot share a corporate bank account.

Requirements for the Opening of a Corporate Bank Account in Indonesia

Anyone who intends to open a corporate bank account in Indonesia must fulfill certain requirements. A corporate entity which is opening such a bank account is required to supply the company’s memorandum and Articles of Association. If the company is an Indonesian company, the company’s business licenses and tax identification number are also required.

If the company is a foreign one, there will also be a required initial deposit of one million rupiah. Documents required for a foreign company to open a corporate bank account in Indonesia include a completed and appropriately signed application form, all supporting documents which are relevant, copies of any necessary identity cards, business licenses, tax registration number, a Certificate of Incorporation, and a Company Registration Certificate.

It is also possible for a representative office to open a corporate bank account in Indonesia. Requirements for such include a Company Registration Certificate, business licenses, and a tax registration number.

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