Types of Expat Insurance You Should Consider When Living in Indonesia

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Expats travelling to Indonesia should plan their trips and decide which insurances they should obtain to be ready for any possible outcome of their trip. Most come to Indonesia as they are attracted by the quality of life found in Indonesia, others are attracted by the business opportunities that Indonesia has to offer.

Whether you’re looking to start your own business in Indonesia or looking to live in the tropical country, here are some insurances that expatriates like yourself should consider in Indonesia.

What are the Types of Insurance Expats Should Have in Indonesia

1. Health Insurance

In any case , health insurance is always the number one insurance to research on and consider. Health insurance covers most visits to the clinics or hospitals, along with the prescription drugs, medical devices, and wellness care.

Although costs are not high due to the low cost of living in Indonesia, the benefit of getting a health insurance is that it allows you to go to the best hospitals to receive the care needed as well as minimising the chances of being turned away by the hospitals.

Hospitals and clinics are less likely to turn patients away as they know that your insurance will cover all the costs as compared to a foreigner that may not have enough cash to cover the costs.

2. Travel Insurance

It is optional to opt for a travel insurance and thus, it is almost always overlooked. Travel Insurance covers different types of incidents such as an accident riding a scooter or being bitten by a monkey.

The best type of insurance covers the types of activities that you know are high risk. An example is a travel insurance that covers popular sports in Indonesia like surfing, diving or hiking mountains or volcanoes.

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Travel Insurance do not just cover accidents but also trip delays, baggage loss and trip interruption amongst others.

3. Medical Evacuation & Repatriation

Usually as part of travel insurance, Medical Evacuation ensures that the traveller will be taken to the nearest medical facility in a situation that the traveller needs a medical emergency during the trip. Most policies would abide by this and send the traveller to the nearest medical facility. In the case that the traveller is advised to seek further treatment in their homeland, this benefit usually covers the cist incurred travelling home.

As for Repatriation, it ensures that in the case of the demise of the traveller, the remains of the traveller will be transported back to their homeland.

These may sound unlikely however, due to Indonesia’s location on the globe, Indonesia does have a significant volcanic and seismic activity and may be victim to tsunamis and earthquakes in Indonesia.

4. Auto Insurance

In Indonesia, many motorcyclists do not wear helmets when bolting down the streets. This poses as a high risk even for other road users, be it other motorcyclists or drivers. Thus, having a car or auto insurance would be beneficial in the case of an accident.

Auto Insurance covers property, liability and medical. It covers damage and theft of the holder’s car, legal responsibility to others for injury or property damage as well as covering the cost of treating injuries, rehabilitation, and possibly funeral expenses in the case of a demise.

In Indonesia, a car insurance is not mandatory unless it is financed. However, a third-party liability insurance policy is compulsory to have.

5. Life Insurance

There is always the risk of unforeseen circumstances, and not only just for travelling to Indonesia, but it is also wise to have life insurance in the case of demise to ensure that your loved ones are provided with financial security for the future.

Some insurance companies allow you to insure your life up to 20 times of your yearly salary.

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Which state in Indonesia has the best business opportunities?2022-01-14T18:12:33+08:00

Indonesia has lots to offer, from agriculture, to manufacturing and business. Depending on the industry you are looking at, there are different areas in Indonesia that excels in these areas.  

For example, Surabaya, East Java is popular for foreign investments as it has one of the highest property growths in Indonesia, also ranking top five cities in Asia to invest in.  

Is Indonesia a good place for Expats?2022-01-14T18:12:04+08:00

Although the people are accommodating and welcoming, Indonesia also has a significant expat community especially in the island of Bali and the capital, Jakarta. The cost of living although varying, is still relatively very low compared to the western countries. There are still numerous different redeeming factors such as the entertainment life that is found everywhere in Indonesia as well as the sights the mountains and volcanoes have to offer.  

Why is Indonesia a good place to live?2022-01-14T18:11:33+08:00

The people of Indonesia have a culture of respect, and this makes tourists feel welcomes and equal instead of ostracised by the population. Additionally, if you are a Muslim, Indonesia is a majority Muslim country but is not a Muslim country per say. It is easy to find mosques and a very large Muslim community wherever you go.  

Is Indonesia a good destination for business?2022-01-14T18:10:10+08:00

Indonesia has a lot to offer, from their low cost of living to the attractiveness it holds to tourists with their myriad amount of islands. Indonesia is also 73rd worldwide when it comes to boing business, this is attractive to foreign investors who are looking to expand their business.  

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