Those who require legal protection for one or more of their works or products should seek it through the obtaining of copyright protection. In Indonesia, there are certain laws which govern copyright protection in the country. Business owners can use these laws to their advantage.

Laws of Copyright in Indonesia


Most business owners expected to expand their business at some point. They usually plan to do so after they have established some level of financial success through products which have sold well. A well-marketed product will often lead to much customer demand from all over the world.

However, many products are linked to copyright laws of the country of the business which sells them. Such is true of Indonesian businesses and products as well. There are many copyright laws which exist today in Indonesia. These laws have significant implications on the businesses and business owners of the country.

It is important for all current and prospective business owners in Indonesia to understand the country’s copyright laws and how the systems related to copyright laws in the country work.

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In September 2014, Indonesia’s legislative arm made an official revamp of the only previously existing copyright law. This law is today known as the Old Copyright Law; it was then known as Regulation Number 19, Year 2002. It has since been replaced by the New Copyright Law, which is also referred to as “Undang-Undang Hak Cipta Baru.” It is officially recognized as Regulation Number 28, Year 2014 or No. 28 of 2014.

This law on copyright was issued on October 16, 2014 to replace the Old Copyright Law. This law protects the copyright and intellectual property rights of people in the creative industries. It was implemented to protect copyrights related to scientific, artistic, and literary works. The New Copyright Law also outlaws copyright infringements related to music, movies, and original online content in Indonesia. It serves to settle copyright-related disputes more effectively, enable better management of marketing related to copyrights, protect economic profits, prohibit the non-commercial reproduction and distribution of copyrighted materials with the aid of technology, manage royalties and licenses, and prohibit approval of copyrights that are deemed to violate moral norms.

One especially important aspect of the New Copyright Law is the concept of landlord liability. This aspect provides the right to make those who own a particular building liable to criminal penalties if they know that a tenant is involved in copyright-infringing activities. The New Copyright Law also empowers the Ministry of Communication to remove websites that infringe on people’s copyrights. It also introduces procedures for specific types of infringements and increases the severity of punishments imposed on those who infringe upon copyrights.

Copyright laws help people avoid suffering the effects of plagiarism, identity theft, unauthorized adaptation of any work done or content created, and unapproved public display of any work done or content created.