Whether you are a local or foreigner looking to set up a company in Indonesia or an existing business owner who wishes to expand and register a new company in Indonesia, we’ve got you covered.

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The requirements needed to set up a company in Indonesia varies according to the company type, however, here are the basic requirements that is needed for both public (Local PT) and private limited (PT PMA) companies.

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Now that you know the requirements to set up a company in Indonesia, see the step-by-step guide on registering your new company and use our free tools – company name checker & SSIC code search engine.

Your company name needs to contain at least 3 different words, with 3 options for your company name in English, Indonesia, or both. Check and register your company name in Indonesia using our free tool or read our guide on selecting a company name in Indonesia.

Search your primary business activity to find your Code that is required by KBLI to complete your company registration.

Tap on our patented digital corporate services platform to fill up the information to generate filled-up company incorporation documents. All processes are done online – from form submission to signing of all documents. Our local specialists will handle the rest.

Ensure proper keepsake of your company’s finances by opening a corporate bank account. For foreigners setting up a company in Indonesia, you can opt for offshore bank account opening so no travel into Indonesia is required. Read our guide on bank account opening here.

If you are a foreigner setting up a company in Indonesia, you will need to apply for a work visa to run your business operations. Applying for a work visa is complicated with the application of VITAS, ITAS, and KITAS – find out more about them in our guide here.

After you’ve incorporated your company, you are bounded by the governmental regulations. These include corporate secretary activities, corporate tax filing, auditing, and more. Leave all compliance work to us and never miss a deadline – penalties are involved if you miss!


Starting a new company can be daunting – here are the top 5 questions regarding Indonesia company registration that will clear your doubts!

What is the minimum investment to set up a PT PMA (private limited) company in Indonesia?2022-07-12T15:22:12+08:00

The minimum investment amount is IDR 10 billion – however, this is a working figure that you have to work within 5 years and detailed in your investment plan. Do reach out to us to discuss this further.

What is the Positive Investment List?2022-07-12T15:21:31+08:00

The Positive Investment List in Indonesia outlines the industries that are open or closed to foreign investors. There are 245 industries that are open and for foreign investors to choose from.

Why are businesses setting up a company in Indonesia?2022-07-12T15:21:11+08:00

There are many reasons for setting up a company in Indonesia from its free trade agreements, foreign ownership of land, growing middle class, huge population size, to investment incentives.

How long does it take to register a company in Indonesia?2022-07-12T15:20:49+08:00

The overall incorporation and registration period for setting up an Indonesia company takes between 2-3 months.

Can foreigners register a company in Indonesia?2022-07-12T15:20:21+08:00

Yes, foreigners can register a company in Indonesia. In most cases, they will opt for a PT PMA (private limited) company. However, there are some industries that are not open to foreign investments – this can be found in the Positive Investment List.

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