Video Guide : Why is every Company in Indonesia required to have its own Corporate Bank Account?

Before any company based in Indonesia may be incorporated, it must first have a corporate bank account. However, this corporate bank account cannot be shared with that of another company; each company's corporate bank account must belong to that company and that company alone. Check out more details in our video!


Video Guide : Is the owner of an Indonesian Company allowed to own another Company abroad Simultaneously?

Many people who own an Indonesian company have considered owning a company in another country at the same time in order to gain access to the market of another country. For such a company owner, there are many benefits received by one who owns a foreign company and an Indonesian company at the same time. Check out more details in our video!


Video Guide : Are there any laws which specifically apply to foreigners who start a business in Indonesia?

Many foreigners have made plans to start a business in Indonesia. However, some of those who plan to do so have been wondering about the laws which govern foreign business ownership in the country. Therefore, it is important that they be aware of all of the surrounding legal matters.


Video Guide : How do I Invest in an Indonesian Company?

Those planning to invest in Indonesia should first examine the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This stock exchange includes many companies which are among the country’s best-known and most reputed. Thus, they are ripe for investment. This naturally leads many investors to consider investing in an Indonesian company. Check out more details in our video!