The job market in each region of Indonesia contains certain similarities. Common industries in all regions of Indonesia include agriculture, fishery, tourism, petroleum, natural gas, forestry, and mining. However, significant changes occurred after the year 1990. At this point, clear differences between each region’s job market began to set in, particularly regarding shifts in the agricultural sector and service sector.

Sumatra provides job opportunities in petroleum, mining, and agriculture. Sumatra’s primary mined products are gold, silver, and coal, while its leading agricultural products are rubber, coffee, palm oil, tea, tobacco, corn, and rice. North Sulawesi’s job market is also primarily agriculture-based. The main products that come from that region are sugar cane, rice, coffee, coconuts, and nutmeg.

The job market of Java is much more diverse because of its economic prosperity and large population. Industries which are prominent in Java include agriculture, forestry, fishery, livestock, mining, hydrocarbons, and automotive. Leading industries in Kalimantan, meanwhile, include agriculture and fishery.