Telecommunications companies in Indonesia are regulated by Law No. 36 of 1999 on Telecommunication. This law is supplemented by Government Regulation No. 52 of 2000 concerning Implementation of Telecommunication (GR 52/2000). These laws work together to regulate the operation of the telecommunications networks, telecommunications services and special telecommunications which exist in Indonesia. 

Another important law regarding telecommunications in Indonesia is Government Regulation No. 53 of 2000 on the use of radio frequency spectrums and satellite orbits (GR 53/2000). This law regulates the operation of and also specifies the mandatory fees and licensing requirements for the use of radio frequency spectrums and satellite orbits by any telecommunications company in Indonesia. 

There are also specific decrees and regulations which are issued by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. Such decrees and regulations are intended to govern the telecommunications networks, telecommunications services, and special telecommunications operations of Indonesia. 

All information and electronic transactions which take place in Indonesia are specifically regulated by Law No. 11 of 2008 on information and electronic transactions. This law regulates the use of electronic documents and/or information as evidence before Indonesian courts, electronic signatures and transactions, domain names, intellectual property, and the protection of personal rights. It also specifies which related actions are deemed to be illegal as well as the punishments which will be suffered by such offenders.