The Indonesian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (BRTI) is in charge of regulating Indonesia’s telecommunications sector. The BRTI has the authority to prepare and stipulate regulations on the operation of telecommunications networks and services which are related to areas such as licensing, standards of operational performances, charges with regard to connections, and standards of equipment used for telecommunication purposes in Indonesia. The BRTI also monitors the operational performance of and level of competition among Indonesia’s telecommunications companies. It also serves as the arbiter of any disputes between telecommunications operators in Indonesia, oversees the use of telecommunications equipment by such companies, and implements quality service standards. 

Another important regulatory authority in relation to the telecommunications industry of Indonesia is the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology oversees the regulation of telecommunication networks and services in Indonesia. Law 36/1999 provides the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology with the right to direct policies of, regulate, supervise, and control the telecommunications industry of Indonesia.