Due to ongoing stringent rules in Indonesia, the employment rates for foreigners are not particularly high in Indonesia. Nevertheless, there are many rules in place with relate to foreigners in various jobs. For example, all foreigners must be able to speak and read Indonesian before they may enter Indonesia’s job market. Foreigners also ought to learn about basic Indonesian ways of life before entering any of various jobs in Indonesia.

The main sectors which employ foreigners enter are those in tourism, IT, education, and trade. The wood and rubber industries also employ many foreigners. Many expatriates in Indonesia work in foreign companies mainly located in Java, Bali, and Sumatra.

Many foreign investors have been investing in the domestic Indonesian industries because the demand for local products has been on the rise. They also often invest in the exporting and importing of products. Exports and imports are carried out through the largest seaport in Indonesia: the Port of Jakarta. Thus, many foreigners work in the export industry.

Other industries which employ many foreigners include the automotive, chemical, electronics, and engineering industries.