Everyone who owns an Indonesian company may claim any tax incentives such as tax reductions or tax exemptions for which the company is eligible. Through these tax incentives, the company owner will be able to save a significant amount of money and thus increase the overall revenue of the company.

Foreigners serve as Company Commissioners of an Indonesian Company

Every company owner would like to reduce the amount of tax which they pay. The same is true of the company owners of Indonesia. For this as well as other reasons, the government of Indonesia has provided several methods by which company owners may reduce the amount of tax to be paid. Although there are certain tax reductions and exemptions in Indonesia which are applied to individuals, none of them apply to companies. Companies of Indonesia have their own set of tax reductions and exemptions as specified by the government regulations of Indonesia.

Although companies which are operational in Indonesia may enjoy tax reductions and exemptions, they are nevertheless not excused from having to pay an amount of corporate tax according to the government’s regulations. Local and foreign companies alike which have been set up in Indonesia are required to pay their share of corporate tax.