Every business in Indonesia is required to have a registered business address which is to be located somewhere in Indonesia. Some business owners in Indonesia have considered the idea of using their residential address as a registered business address, but this is not always possible.

Residential Address as Registered Business Address

Every business which has been incorporated in Indonesia is required to select a location in which its registered business address is to be located. The purpose of a registered business address is so that regulatory compliance matters will be followed. Many business owners in Indonesia aim to increase the simplicity and flexibility of running their business. Therefore, some believe that by registering their own residential address as the address of the business, the completion of many extremely important matters will be suitably fulfilled. However, such business owners must be aware of all matters that relate to registered business addresses in Indonesia before attempting to do so.

Why Business Require Registered Business Addresses

In Indonesia as well as anywhere else in the world, every business which has been registered is also to have a registered business address. Registered business addresses are important because they specify the physical location from which a business is said to operate. However, the business’s registered business address is not required to be the same as its operational base in practice. The registered business address is the address used by a business owner for the purposes of correspondence and communication with all people who are associated with the business.

Uses of Registered Business Addresses

A registered business address can be used to complete any of various different tasks. Among these tasks are the opening of a business bank account; listing of the business on the Internet and other indices; communication with current and potential customers alike.; reception of any bills, payments, or invoices which are meant for the business; registration of a domain name for the business’s website; and perhaps most important of all, registration for any permits or licenses required for the operations of the business to commence. Every one of the tasks mentioned will either be greatly simplified by or require a registered business address to have already been selected.

In Indonesia, there is one other Indonesia-specific task which may only be completed by businesses with a registered business address; this is the obtaining of a domicile letter. To receive a domicile letter, one requires a rental agreement, which in turn requires a registered business address before it can be received.