Over 20 years, Indonesia has seen the rise and fall of some political parties and symmetry found in the direction of secular, reform minded nationalism. Although it still remains in the growing stage, Indonesia’s economy is a big attraction to foreign companies.

Political Stability & Indonesia Company Incorporation

From the fall of General Suharto after 30 years of authoritarian rule and a collapse of the Rupiah, Indonesia has undergone a major political transformation which other countries in Asia have not seen.

Today, the country is a vibrant democracy nation that is continuing to strengthen its political structures, deepening the liberation of its population and growing her economy with more business opportunity available.

Over past two decades, experiments with democracy has seen the rise and fall of some political parties and a symmetry found in the direction of secular, reform minded nationalism.

Although it still remains in the growing stage despite the various push and, Indonesia’s economy remains on a stable track and it is only projected to grow.

The deepening politicization of the electorate is seeing greater demands and expectations being placed upon the Indonesian politicians. From increasing the GDP, bringing in foreign businesses, to raising the standard of living into the lives of the citizens, it all lies on the shoulders of the entire President, present and future.

That being said, Indonesia’s advantages as a business and investment destination are defined by the global and political environment that is highlighting several key parameters to be considered in emerging markets.

The country’s natural resources, potential in renewable energy and food security offer a sustainable buffer to the climbing prices being seen in oil and foodstuffs which is fueling social discontent in other markets.

The population is also projected to grow to a staggering figure of 288 million by 2050, and this will serve in both a highly skilled productive capacity as well as consumer market as the country reaches its predicted position of being the world’s 6th largest global economy.

Political Stability & ID Company Incorporation Infographic

Indonesia – a preferred location for Foreign Business

Indonesia’s economy is on the rise, which is one major reason this country is taking its rightful position as a major destination for foreign investors. Although major players in Asia like Singapore, China, Malaysia and India was seen as preferred destinations for investors, Indonesia is becoming a country hard to ignore.

The country is unique in many ways as the biggest archipelago in the world, the largest Muslim majority country; albeit young it is also the world’s third largest democracy and a leading exporter of numerous high value commodities such as palm oil and coal.

Indonesia has now position itself as an economy in transition from that of a low income to middle income economy and from a primary producer to a value added exporter as well as knowledge based economy.

Investment opportunities are maturing in all industries and sectors, which mean it represents a window of opportunity for foreign investors to participate in the worlds’ fastest growing.

In terms of future, Indonesia has already position itself in a promising spot, as a convergence of its young, working population with that of relatively stable inflation and sustained economic growth is fuelling consumer spending.

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