Indonesian publishing companies cater to the country’s significant demand for published material. Of course, the incorporation and registration of such a company requires licenses of certain types to be obtained as well as the settling of several other relevant matters.

Indonesian Publishing Company

How to Start a Publishing Company in Indonesia

Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of over 260 million. Of this population, the majority are 24 years old or younger. Therefore, it could be very lucrative for one to start a publishing company in Indonesia because there would be a great many customers who are students. This is because students would require published material for the purposes of their studies. For this reason, Indonesia is an extremely suitable country for a prospective business owner to start a publishing company. This fact is reflected in the high value of the country’s publishing industry. According to the latest statistics, the net annual revenue of the publishing industry in Indonesia is approximately US$466 million. Furthermore, the country’s economy has seen a tremendous amount of evolution over recent years which has served to make it one of the world’s primary beneficiaries of global economic modernization and development.

Publishing is one of the most developed sectors of the economy of Indonesia. Many people all over the country have taken an interest in the publishing of their documents for any of a variety of reasons. Therefore, those who choose to start a publishing business in Indonesia and run it in a suitable manner will find much success in that business venture.

The establishment of a publishing company in Indonesia is open to everyone. This means that any interested foreign business owners who are willing to set up such a company in the country may do so in the same way as any local. Before starting the company, a foreign business owner is expected to first obtain permission from the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). This is a critical step because the BKPM oversees all business activities, including those of publishing companies, which take place in Indonesia.

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Registering a Publishing Company in Indonesia

Once a business owner has decided to start a publishing company in Indonesia, the next step to be taken is that of depositing the required amount of share capital in the bank which contains the corporate bank account of the business owner. The business owner must then obtain the company’s incorporation documents and have them drafted and filled in an appropriate manner. At this point, the business owner must decide on what published material will be produced by the publishing company. Those who own a company which is to publish printed materials may publish magazines, newspapers, books, journals, and manuals, among others. Owners of a digital publishing company, on the other hand, may publish materials such as online media content, electronic media content, and CDs.