Indonesia’s business scene is one which has seen much growth in recent years. This business growth has come in tandem with its impressive rate of economic growth; the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been registering a steady increase over the past several decades. Some of the reasons for this corporate boom lie in the unique features of Indonesian companies. There are certain characteristics possessed by Indonesian companies which have caused many people from around the world to consider starting companies there. These features have done much to improve the business and economic condition of the country.

Low Startup Costs

One feature of Indonesian companies which attracts many investors and entrepreneurs is that of the low startup costs which exist in the country. Regardless of where in the world a company is started, there will always be certain costs incurred when the company begins its operations for the first time. However, these costs tend to be lower in Indonesia than in other countries. The fact that the Indonesian rupiah has a favorable exchange rate when compared to many other global and regional currencies also plays a role in lowering the startup costs of the average Indonesian company. Therefore, those interested in starting a company in Indonesia can be assured that doing so will not impose a financial burden upon them or their new company.

Simplicity of Business License Requirements

Another unique feature of Indonesian companies is the simplicity of the requirements to be fulfilled when a company owner applies for any business license. Just as is the case anywhere else in the world, certain business activities in Indonesia require specific business licenses before they may be carried out. What sets business license requirements in Indonesia apart from those of other countries, however, is the fact that it is much simpler to obtain any necessary business license there than in most other countries. The government of Indonesia has reduced the obstacles involved in the obtaining of a business license because it understands how the establishment of more new businesses and companies across Indonesia will benefit the economy of the country. Business licenses in Indonesia are typically granted in a straightforward and orderly manner. Furthermore, even those who may initially experience some trouble in the obtaining of a business license can utilize the services of a service bureau. A service bureau will provide assistance to any prospective business owner in Indonesia who seeks a business license. The services which it provides further simplify the process of applying for and receiving a business license in Indonesia.


Government Support

As has been already mentioned, the Indonesian government plays an active role in supporting and developing new and emerging companies across the country. In some countries, the government prefers to utilize a hands-off approach towards businesses in the country, thus providing little to no support for business activities which are conducted there. Fortunately for existing and prospective company owners in Indonesia alike, the government of Indonesia does not operate in such a manner. The Indonesian government is always wiling to work with anyone, whether local or foreign, who has plans to start a company there. The government understands that all new companies which are started in Indonesia serve to bolster the economic well-being of the country. Furthermore, foreign company owners who invest their money in the country are especially welcome in Indonesia. This is because the government is in charge of approving all money in the country which has been invested by foreigners; this money is subsequently used by the government to aid in the economic development of the country as well as the commencement of government-run projects in areas of the country which need access to such projects.

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