Issues which are related to company names affect everyone who owns or plans to own a business in Indonesia. One of the questions with which many company owners or prospective company owners grapple is that of the use of multiple company names and its legality for Indonesian businesses.

Can a Company be Run Under Multiple Names in Indonesia

Every company in Indonesia is required to be run under a name which has been approved by the relevant authorities. Certain laws and regulations govern the naming of companies in Indonesia. These laws and regulations must be enacted because without them, there is a distinct possibility that some might select names which would be detrimental not only to the company in question, but perhaps to the industry which the company inhabits and sometimes even the business scene of Indonesia as a whole.

Some people who plan to start a company of their own in Indonesia might have some questions as to whether their company can be run under more than one name. This is important because the selection of a company name is a vital part of the incorporation process. Save

Use of Multiple Company Names in Indonesia

When registering a company name in Indonesia, the name to be selected must be one which has been registered with the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. After the name to be used has been registered, no other company in Indonesia may use the name as its company name. Since the company will already have selected a name under which it is to be registered, no other name apart from the registered name may be used by the company. Therefore, it is not possible for a company in Indonesia to be run under multiple names at the same time because doing so would violate the existing laws related to company names.