Indonesia is home to many foreigners who own and operate their own businesses there. Other foreigners who plan to do the same will need to know about the tax obligations in Indonesia which are required of them after they have begun running an Indonesia-based company of their own.

Taxes Pay by Foreign Business Owners in ID

It is extremely important for any business owner to be completely compliant with all of the tax regulations which exist in the country which the business owner is operating the business in question. Business owners, as taxpaying individuals, are required to pay personal income tax; however, as the owners of a business, they must also take corporate income tax into consideration so that their business activities are also tax-compliant. Foreign business owners must be aware of their tax obligations as well. There are several ways in which the tax obligations of foreign business owners in Indonesia differ from those of Indonesian business owners.

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Tax Requirements for Indonesian Business Owners in Indonesia

One of the requirements related to taxes which must be followed by the business owners of Indonesia is that of ownership of a tax identification number (NPWP) and confirmation of their status as a taxable entrepreneur or the business’s status as taxable (PKP). An NPWP is required by every taxable individual and business in Indonesia as a form of official identification for tax purposes. It is provided to every eligible taxpaying entity in Indonesia and is issued by a Tax Office. The Tax Office which issues one’s NPWP is either the Tax Office where the residence or location of business activities of the taxpaying entity in question is located or a specifically appointed Tax Office which may have been stipulated in the Director General of Taxes Decree. The NPWP issued to any taxpaying entity in Indonesia will never change.

It is also important for business owners in Indonesia to obtain confirmation that their business has official taxable status (PKP). A business must receive official PKP status from the government if it supplies goods or services which are subject to value added tax (VAT) and has a total value of at least 4.8 billion rupiah. Confirmation of PKP status will prevent the business in question from committing certain tax offenses because those who abuse the rules regarding PKP status might do so to avoid have to pay the taxes required of them.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore