Foreign Driving License Conversion in Indonesia

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Are you looking to convert your foreign driving license to Indonesia? Here are a few things to take note of. From the various types of driving license available to foreign driving license laws to the procedure of converting your foreign driving license, there are strict protocols to keep our roads safe.

Do also take note that whether you are a business owner who incorporated a company in Indonesia or are here on a work visa, the conversion of your foreign driving license is the same.

What are the Types of Driving Licenses in Indonesia

There are 8 different types of classes for driving licenses and each has been made suitable to individuals to operate various vehicles. Driver’s licenses will be valid for one year from the date of issuance.

A Drive private passenger car or cargo vehicle with maximum allowable weight not exceeding 3,500 kg
A public Drive commercial vehicles and goods carrier with maximum allowable weight not exceeding 3,500 kg
B1 Drive private passenger or cargo vehicle with weight allowed exceeding 3,500 kg
B1 Public Drive commercial passenger vehicles and general freight with maximum allowable weight exceeding 3,500 kg
B2 Drive private heavy equipment vehicles, towing vehicles, or motor vehicles with semi-trailer or individual trailer with maximum allowable weight exceeding 1,000 kg trailer/s
B2 Public Drive commercial vehicles for towing with semi-trailer or individual trailer with maximum allowable weight exceeding 1,000 kg trailer/s
C Drive motorcycles (two-wheeled motor vehicle)
D Drive special vehicle for disabled person

Obtaining a driver’s license in Indonesia

If you already have an international driving permit issued by your domestic country, a local driver’s license will not be required.

On the contrary, if you do not have the time to apply for an international driving license before your arrival in Indonesia, you can make an international driving license here in Indonesia.

However, do take note that you will not be able to drive with the license from your local home country as Indonesia is not a member of the Geneva Convention on Road Traffic.

If you are looking to convert your local driving license into an Indonesia one, you can apply for the driving license online or you can head down to the Department of Motor Vehicles to start.

To obtain an Indonesia driving license (SIM), a KITAS or a KITAP visa must be presented, and you must also be older than 17 for A and C license, 20 years old and above for B1, 21 years old for B2. Some of the documents required include:

  • Passport
  • KITAS / KITAP card
  • Medical certificate testing on eyesight / blood pressure
  • Original copy of any driving license you had
  • Copy of all pages in passport

A fee of IDR 120,000 will be required for type A licenses while for type C, it would cost roughly around IDR 100,000. Upon submission, a theory test will be given consisting of a total of 30+ multiple choice questions with the passing score of 21. After theory test, a practical test will be given for the last test procedure as shown below.

Driving License Application

Driving License Laws in Indonesia

In Indonesia, roads in and around cities are typically of decent quality, well-signed, and well-marked. Rural roads are often in poor condition, and many of them are narrow. The majority of rural roads have two lanes but no road markings or lights.

Road traffic signs are occasionally written in both English and Indonesian, however most of the time they are exclusively written in Indonesian. Toll roads are only found in cities.

Foreign visitors who are accompanied by their original driver’s licenses may drive with their international driving permits. After landing in Indonesia, you are entitled to drive with an international driving permit for a period of one year. Before coming to the country, tourists should get an international driving permit.

Some of the common driving laws that every driver should be aware of are:

  • Always drive on the left side of the road
  • Minimum driving age is 17
  • Stickers with country initial should be placed on cars
  • Foreign drivers must at all times carry their international driving permits and licenses
  • Use of mobile phone while driving is prohibited
  • Built-up areas’ speed limit: 50kh/hr
  • Highways speed limit: 100kh/hr for motorbikes and cars, 60-80kh/hr for trucks


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At what age can you get a driving license?2022-01-14T16:53:21+08:00

The current minimum driving age is 18 years, but people are allowed to apply for driving licenses at the age of 17 years and six months so they can obtain their license when they turn 18 

Do I need an international driving permit for Indonesia?2022-01-14T16:52:49+08:00

You can drive using an International Driving Permit issued in Indonesia. … Before driving, riding or hiring any type of vehicle, ensure that you have the appropriate license to do so, and check with your travel insurance company to confirm that you’re covered. 

How do I get a driver’s license in Indonesia?2022-01-14T16:51:56+08:00

The Indonesian driving license is issued by the Indonesian National Police (Polri). The general requirements for a license in Indonesia are to be at least 17 years old (for A-class; different age requirement exist for each class), pass the theory test, and pass the practical test. 

Can foreigners drive in Indonesia?2022-01-14T16:51:04+08:00

Foreigners are issued driver’s licenses valid for one year from the date of issuance. Foreigners are only permitted to obtain Class A licenses (private cars) or Class C licenses (motorcycles). Diplomats and KITAP holders can get a 5-year driver’s license.  

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