Indonesia has a distinctive and unique work culture. Although this work culture may sometimes be difficult for foreigners to understand, it has nonetheless helped the country's company stand out. Foreigners who understand this work culture will also be likely to succeed in Indonesia.

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Work Culture in ID

Business Culture

Business culture can be defined as a set of beliefs, ethics, and attitudes within a business setting. Culture is a main constituent in business and has an influence on the premeditated course of business. Culture impacts the administration, decisions, and all business functions, from secretarial to manufacturing to production.

Work Environment in a Typical Indonesian Workplace

The following are some points regarding work environment in an Indonesian workplace:

  • Addressing Superiors

The Indonesians know about the importance of their superiors and are used to addressing them by suitable titles. In Indonesia, you must have to call them by “Bapak” which means “Sir”, or “Ibu” which means “Ma’am”. No one can call them by their first name until and unless they are allowed to do so.

  • Making the Leaders Happy

There is an environment of making the leaders happy in an Indonesian workplace. Generally, the assistant employees obey their seniors or boss and don’t question them. The assistant or subordinate employees never talk back if their seniors give orders for any type of work because they only want to make their leaders happy.

  • Avoiding clashes

The employers in Indonesia try their best to avoid any kind of clashes. There is an environment of peace in an Indonesian workplace.

  • Friendship Between Co-workers

There is an environment of peace and friendship in an Indonesian workplace. The co-workers don’t hesitate to ask personal questions and in this way, an environment of friendship goes on.

  • Personal Criticisms

There is an environment of private criticism in an Indonesian workplace. People there prefer to keep criticism private rather than discuss it in public. In this way, this culture does much to protect the pride of the employers.

  • Greeting the Most Superior First

In Indonesia, as a subordinate employer, it is essential to know about the superiors of the company. Greeting the most senior first is seen as good conduct.

  • Giving Handshakes

In Indonesia, seniors are given handshakes first, though the style varies from company to company. Giving handshakes with little pressure is common in Indonesia.

  • Being Professional at All Times

During working hours, employees must be professional regardless of the situation. They are to be helpful, friendly, and good team members, and they are advised to avoid gossiping to avoid any sort of trouble.

  • Arriving on Time

It is highly appreciated to arrive on the workplace on time or earlier.

  • Showing Gratitude

Indonesian employees try to be helpful and friendly and understand each other, and saying “thank you” after receiving help from a colleague is seen to be good manners because it shows gratitude.

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