A certified public accountant, or CPA, is approved accounting professional who is licensed by the state he/she works in.

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Why Choose a CPA?

Paul Hype Page & Co. is a certified CPA firm in Singapore specializing in providing “high quality” auditing and public accounting services under the supervision of a CPA. A certified public accountant, or CPA, is approved accounting professional who is licensed by the state he/she works in. They usually keep “up-to-date” with the ever-changing tax law, rules, and regulations to provide the best possible accounting and auditing services for business firms, like yours.

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The solutions we offer for companies and their owners cover important areas such as incorporation, taxation, auditing, and work visas, among others.

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We are always ready and willing to work with any genuine and legitimate company which requires our incorporation services or any other services we provide.


We offer company incorporation, consultancy services, auditing, taxation, immigration & compliance services.

Why does your business require a professional CPA for accounting, financial, and tax needs?

  1. CPAs have passed the CPA exam and are licensed by the state they work in
  2. Professionals CPAs have “strong” work ethic in internal auditing, public accounting, and tax advisory services
  3. CPAs always follow strict code of professional conduct and work ethic ensuring optimal services for your business
  4. Every two years, CPAs complete additional 80 hours of education


Our highly experiences CPA will help with your business planning and potentially lower your tax bill

Plus, whenever you require financial statements, audits, analytical, and compliance reports, our CPAs will prepare them for you. When your business accounting, tax planning, and finance statements are prepared, produced, or overseen by a professional CPA, they will have “accurate” data that comply with current laws, rules, and regulations. Our CPAs are proactive in the Singapore business community. Therefore, they will help offer you an in-depth, strategic, and critical analysis of business events and trends that may have a positive impact on your financial goals. Building “lasting” relationships is merely a motto: it’s a philosophy Paul Hype Page & Co. lives by, every day. You can rest assured to receive high level of competence and customer services from our team of CPA. Let Paul Hype Page & Co’s CPAs help you!