The Indonesia government has put a heavy emphasis on improving the business climate, thereby promoting a competitive, innovative and dynamic private business sector for Entrepreneurs.

Indonesia’s Corporate Environment


Indonesia’s economy is on the rise, and with it not planing to stop, it is seeing the country taking its place as a major destination for foreign investment and entrepreneurship. Having previously been overlooked in favour of other countries in Asia such as India and China; Indonesia is now hard to ignore.  

Indonesian corporate environment is quite different. Prior to going to Indonesia, one should understand that there is no ‘that one’ Indonesian culture, with its 17,000 islands and hundreds of different ethnic groups is a vast collection of different peoples and cultures. 

For that reason and many others, it becomes critical that foreign professionals working in Indonesia look past the elaborate deviousness found in Indonesian business and incorporate the correct cultural traits to manage Indonesian personnel.  

Understanding the best techniques for intercultural business management is the overarching goal of Executive Orientation Services (EOS) and its cross-cultural training programs. Why is this important? Well, by understanding cultural differences and similarities, you can allow yourselves to make this Repulbic a conducive environment to entrepreneurs. 

While Indonesia may still be some steps behind other countries when it comes to infrastructure, it is surprisingly one of the country that is conducive to entrepreneurs. 

Indonesia is currently ranked 8th among 45 countries in the world with the highest confidence in the environment for digital transformation, beating London, Madrid, New York, as well Singapore. AND with businesses all heading towards the digital era, it is no doubt that Indonesia will be only climbing up in years to come. 

As a thriving economy and home to four startup companies valued at an estimated value of US$1 billion, Indonesia came just below China, Philippines and India.