People from all over the world have chosen to start a company in Indonesia. However, some foreigners who have planned to do so might be reluctant to move to Indonesia for such a purpose. Thus, they will want to know if it is necessary to move there in order to own an Indonesian company.

Moving to ID for Foreigners who Plan to Own an Indonesian Company

Indonesia’s reputation as a suitable location in which one might start a company has increased greatly in recent years. The country’s gross domestic product (GDP) has been growing at a consistent and stable rate. The immense population of the country also ensures that anyone who starts a company there will benefit from the large customer base of the country. The country’s increasing economic prosperity has also caused the purchasing power of most people in Indonesia to increase; therefore, more people are now able to purchase more products than there were in the past. These advantages have caused many people from all over the world to develop an interest in starting a company in Indonesia. However, there are some who while interested in doing so, also approach this idea with trepidation because while they might plan to own and run an Indonesia-based business, they might have no desire to move there themselves.

How a Foreign Business Owner Can Operate an Indonesian Company from Abroad

Fortunately for those who have no intentions of moving to Indonesia, there is a method by which they can own and run a company based in Indonesia without ever having to move there. This may be done through the hiring of nominee commissioners, directors, and shareholders. Such people will manage the company from within Indonesia while the foreign company owner remains in the owner’s home country. This arrangement will not cause the company owner to relinquish ownership of the company. However, foreign company owners who might be considering this option should also be informed that whenever such is deemed necessary, they might be required to visit the company in Indonesia. Doing so will provide evidence that they are not neglecting their duties as the owner of the company.

Regardless of the location from which you plan to run your Indonesia-based company, we at Paul Hype Page & Co are able to assist you with its incorporation. Our incorporation team will see to it that your company in Indonesia will be established in a manner which is in line with all of Indonesia’s company laws. We will also contact any government authorities on your behalf if such is required.

Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore