Those who plan to incorporate a telecommunications company in Indonesia need the necessary licenses before entering one of Indonesia’s fastest-growing and most lucrative industries.

Telecommunications Business in Indonesia

The Telecommunications Industry of Indonesia

Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in Indonesia. Cellular connections are of a relatively high quality across the country, particularly when compared to the respective conditions of fixed wire and special telecommunications connections. According to the latest statistics, the number of cellular accounts in Indonesia exceeds the country’s total population; this fact gives credence to the quality of the country’s cellular connections. Thus, cellular networks form the cornerstone of Indonesia’s telecommunications industry.

Furthermore, the sheer size of Indonesia’s telecommunications market has created opportunities for business owners across the country to gain many benefits. The country is home to the world’s third-largest telecommunications market; it only trails China and India in this statistic. Although competition has increased and profit margins have been reduced in recent years, opportunities for economic growth nevertheless exist in the areas of data services, value-added services, and Internet and smartphone penetration. As the standards of these areas improve across Indonesia while the population and per capita income of the country also increase, the telecommunications sector of Indonesia is expected to continue to grow and prosper.

As the telecommunications market in Indonesia has continued to grow, foreign investors have begun to become more interested in pursuing major business opportunities which exist within Indonesia’s telecommunications sector. Many foreigners have made the decision to establish a telecommunications company in Indonesia. As long as such foreigners strictly adhere to the process of the incorporation of a company in Indonesia including the obtaining of all necessary licenses, there should not be any difficulties faced by any foreigner who is interested in starting a telecommunications company in Indonesia.

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