The convenience store industry of Indonesia is one of the country’s most profitable. Many business owners enter the industry through the use of franchising, but some choose to enter it after starting a convenience store from the very beginning.

Convenience Store in Indonesia

The convenience store industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in Indonesia. This is because the presence of international convenience stores is somewhat diminished as most locals have a preference for domestic convenience stores. The most popular of these stores are Indomaret and Alfamart. These two stores are widespread all over Indonesia. Both have thousands of outlets located all over the country. Their popularity is primarily attributed to their fair pricing and convenience. These stores also provide free Wi-Fi and air conditioning. However, Indomaret and Alfamart are not the only convenience stores which exist within Indonesia’s lucrative convenience store industry. The remainder of the convenience stores in the country are smaller convenience stores which have accepted several franchise agreements allowing them to operate such stores.

Advantages Possessed by Convenience Stores in Indonesia

Convenience stores are mainly preferred by most locals in Indonesia because of the fair prices of on their products. Unlike other stores, convenience stores offer sitting spaces for ready-to-eat meals. This is a concept which has led to the attraction of many customers who eat while using the Internet with the free Wi-Fi offered. These stores also stock groceries which customers might be seeking.

Convenience stores take into consideration the changes in consumer needs and preferences. They closely monitor consumers’ responses to the products they stock and make changes when necessary. Such stores also observe high standards of hygiene and are fairly conscious of food safety. Unlike other stores, convenience stores ample space for customers in order to allow for free and rapid selection of desired goods; thus, much time can be saved. The presence of many cashiers also helps in accelerating the transaction process. Many convenience stores in Indonesia also offer financial convenience as many banksabanks have put up their automated teller machines (ATMs) in convenience stores. This easy access to cash has made it easier for consumers when shopping.

Another advantage of convenience stores is that they have positive customer relations. Customers’ interests are put first at all times. This has enabled them to retain a large number of customers thus enhancing their credibility in the market. Their 24-hour operational routine also makes it possible for consumers to enter at any given time to shop. This fact is highly appreciated by many long-distance travelers and motorists.

Why One Should Start a Convenience Store in Indonesia

Convenience stores are in high demand all over Indonesia. As is implied by their name, they are very convenient for consumers. This is primarily because they offer one-stop shopping options in order to appeal to the needs of consumers. The steady growth of Indonesia’s economy also makes it favorable for either companies or individuals to set up convenience stores. Favorable monetary policies have also eased the cost of living and thus increased the purchasing power of consumers.

The country’s favorable tax regime has also reduced the cost of conducting business activities in Indonesia. This has made it possible for the convenience store industry to grow very quickly during recent years. Since most convenience stores are located strategically in urban centers, they have mass market access; this makes it easy for them to gain returns on investments within a relatively short period of time. In addition, due to their stable income and revenue, it is easy for owners to achieve a desired level of economic stability. Therefore, any entrepreneur planning to set up a business in Indonesia will find that starting a convenience store is a viable option.