The increasing prominence of Indonesia's F&B industry has caused many a prospective business owner to consider starting an F&B company there. Such business owners may take advantage of the currently favorable market conditions to achieve a great deal of business success.

Starting an F&B Company in ID

The food and beverage (F&B) industry facilitates sales of food and drinks, both locally and for export. Countries’ economies cannot survive in the world today without an active and thriving F&B industry. Governments, therefore, take a close interest in this industry for the purposes of economic growth as well as regulation. Such has also been the case in Indonesia. There, the Indonesian government has set up the National Agency of Drug and Food Control which oversees all activities which take place within the F&B industry. There is a need to prevent the sale of prohibited food substances as well as to regulate the business environment for both local and foreign F&B business owners alike. Thus, the Indonesian F&B industry is full of regulations which have been put in place by the Indonesian government; however, all of these regulations are generally well-planned and necessary.

Current Condition of the F&B Industry in Indonesia

Before venturing into the F&B industry, prospective business owners are to assess the current status of Indonesia’s F&B industry, then identify the factors which would make the country suitable for the entry of businesses. There are a great many lucrative business opportunities for anyone who plans to enter the Indonesian F&B industry. There are several reasons as to why such is the case.

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Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Large Consumer Population

Indonesia’s population of approximately 271 million is one of the largest in the world. This fact works in the favor of all who choose to start an F&B business in Indonesia because it proves that there is a potential market food products. Most of this population are part of the growing middle class and spend large amounts of money on food every day. Therefore, there is much potential to sell finished and raw food products alike in Indonesia market.

Rising Incomes

The average income of the typical Indonesian consumer has risen in recent years. This has thus led increased spending