Indonesia is home to many foreign-owned companies which have been registered as PT PMA companies. Such companies are to have shareholders, directors, and company commissioners. Directors are responsible for the daily management of the company. They are to select people who will serve in the senior managerial positions, convey the company proceedings to the shareholders, and manage partnerships with other companies. The company commissioners perform tasks such as monitoring, inspecting, and supervising the company’s activities. An Indonesian company must have at least two shareholders and the cumulative value of all shares to be held must be at least 10 million rupiah.

Every PT PMA company based in Indonesia must have at least one commissioner. In most cases, the commissioner must be a local; however, such is not necessarily the case in all situations. If the company decides to have multiple commissioners, one of them is to be appointed as the president commissioner whose duty will be that of leading the board of commissioners of the company. Company commissioners in Indonesia also provide advice on company matters to the directors, approve the annual financial statement of the company, and review the budget of the company. A company commissioner can also suspend any of the directors of the company if the director is found to have violated the company’s rules and regulations. All actions taken by the commissioner must themselves comply with the official rules and regulations of the company.

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Want to Start business in Singapore
Want to Start business in Singapore

Foreigners Serving as Indonesian Company Commissioners

In an Indonesian company, anyone serving in a higher position must ordinarily be an Indonesian citizen or permanent resident. However, a foreigner may be allowed to become a shareholder, director, or the company commissioner by abiding by the rules set by the government of Indonesia and other regulatory authorities. The government has also specified the means by which a foreigner may become the commissioner of an Indonesian company. It has mentioned that foreigners are to receive the Limited Stay Visa or VTT before becoming eligible to take up the role. The latest regulations also state that foreigners must also possess a certain amount of shares before becoming a commissioner or director. Foreign shareholders who are to serve serving as a director or company commissioner must hold at least one billion rupiah’s worth of shares or its equivalent in US dollars.

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All foreign company commissioners of Indonesian companies are required to apply for a residence permit. It is essential for foreigners who plan to live and work in. The residence permit along with the new VTT permit will allow company commissioners to work legally with and be paid by an Indonesian company, open a local bank account in Indonesia, and remain in the country beyond a specific period without having to contact government departments to extend the duration of the visa. Foreigners with exclusive job positions such as that of the company commissioner may become permanent residents of Indonesia if they have lived in the country for a period lasting for at least three years. However, it is not necessary for all such foreigners to become permanent residents of Indonesia.