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Starting a Shipping Company in Indonesia

Shipping companies serve as companies which connect businesses all over the world, especially if the products involved are bulky. In Indonesia, water transport is the predominant means of transport because two-thirds of its territory is surrounded by water. The country serves as a transport hub for Southeast Asian countries and therefore receives large volumes of […]

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Starting an Indonesian Publishing Company

How to Start a Publishing Company in Indonesia Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with a population of over 260 million. Of this population, the majority are 24 years old or younger. Therefore, it could be very lucrative for one to start a publishing company in Indonesia because there would be […]

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Starting a Telecommunications Business in Indonesia

The Telecommunications Industry of Indonesia Telecommunications is one of the fastest-growing business sectors in Indonesia. Cellular connections are of a relatively high quality across the country, particularly when compared to the respective conditions of fixed wire and special telecommunications connections. According to the latest statistics, the number of cellular accounts in Indonesia exceeds the country’s […]

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Starting an Event Management Company in Indonesia

Event management companies in Indonesia are involved with the process of planning an event. Event management is sometimes referred to as event planning and meeting planning. In the world of event management, the scope and details of every project will differ. The scope and the details of the project will be dependent on the industry, […]

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Starting a Foreign Direct Investment Company in Indonesia

A foreign entity may choose to make a foreign direct investment (FDI) into another country. FDI is invested by an investor who is involved in foreign business operations or acquires business assets in another country. Many developing countries are seen as global FDI hubs; many such countries, of which Indonesia is one, are located in […]

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Starting a Real Estate Agency in Indonesia

The Indonesian housing industry is one which has been growing at a rapid rate. The real estate sector in Indonesia is expected to grow substantially during the coming years. The latest statistics showed that prices of the housing industry in Indonesia rose by 0.42% when compared to those of the preceding quarter. The real estate […]

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