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How Do I Register a Company in Indonesia as a Foreigner?

How Do I Register a Company in ID as a Foreigner?

Registering a company in Indonesia can be quite a challenging and complicated process for many foreign investors due many of its unnecessary regulations in the past. A majority of the regulations are also still published in Bahasa Indonesia which makes it difficult for foreign investors to understand. 

However, worry no more as here at Paul Hype Page, we consist of many experienced local Corporate Specialist which could help you out in your registration of a company here in Indonesia.  

There are only 7 main steps that you are required to do in registering a company here in Indonesia with Paul Hype Page. 


Steps to Register a Company in Indonesia 


  • You must first determine as to what business fields would you want to invest in. You must check for the available business activities within the business field subject to the Negative Investment List. 


  • You must then determine what type of company you want to set up. The types of companies available are as follows: 
  1. Local Company (PT) 
  2. Foreign Owned Company (PT PMA) 
  3. Representative Office 


  • There are different sets of requirements that you must comply in setting up each type of companies. The requirements consist of: 
  1. Ownerships;
  2. Minimum Capital;
  3. Visa and Work permits; and
  4. Tax Compliance


Click here to have a better understanding on the different types and requirements needed to comply for each company in Indonesia.


  • It is a compulsory requirement here in Paul Hype Page that we do a Know Your Customer (KYC) process with you. With our ibizfile system, together with the assistance of Dow Jones, the process of conducting a KYC search is easy, effective, and legitimate.  


  • Provide us with all required documents, the following are the general requirement to form a company in Indonesia. 

No. of required documents: 

  1. Power of Attorney for submission documents sign by each shareholder (prepare by us) 
  2. Shareholder documents 
  3. Rental agreement between the company and building management 
  4. Original building domicile/statement from the building management 
  5. Building and land tax receipt (PBB) including the payment approval  of current year 
  6. IMB or certificate of ownership if the building is owned 
  7. Statement for lease and use space office (if any) 
  8. Office photos (minimum 3 photos : reception, signage of the company & office room with activity in it) 
  9. Statement of domicile issued by the company and must be acknowledged by the building management 
  10. Company letterhead and copy/sample design for company stamp 


No. Shareholder Documents (Foreign Company) 

  1. Copy of Article of Association and its amendment should be in English or Bahasa 
  2. Business registration certificate 
  3. Board of Directors structure 


No. Personal documents for each director and commissioner 

  1. Forforeigner : color copy passport with validity minimum 18 months and 4 blank pages 
  2. For local : ID card (KTP and Taxpayer Identity Number (NPWP) 
  3. Family card (KK)
  4. Indonesia visa stamp (if any)
  5. Residence of hotel or apartment domicile letter for the director
  6. Recent photo passport size with red background for each BoD (edited photo is unacceptable) 


  • Paul Hype Page will then help you register your preferred company through the lengthy and confusing registration process. 


The steps and timeline for the company registration process can be seen in the table below. 

No. Description Estimate Duration 

(working days) 

1 Approval of company name at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights 


2 Preparation of Article of Association by Notary (Akta) 


3 Obtain Deed of Establishment at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (SK Kehakiman) 


4 Obtain Domicile Letter at the local government office 


5 Obtain Tax Identification Number (NPWP) 


6 Register Business Indentification Number (NIB = Nomor Induk Berusaha) 


7 Register Business License (Izin Usaha) 



  • You may then proceed to open a company bank account, rent or purchase property, staff hiring and obtaining work permits for foreign employees.
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